Factory Automation Equipment

We were established with the vision to fulfil growing requirements of customers with products based on latest technology while maintaining highest standards of customer service, work ethics and integrity.

For your small component assembly needs, or for unique workholding techniques, FisherTech offers your company leading edge die casting technology. Our Injected Metal Assembly (IMA™) process takes small component joining and assembly production problems off your hands while reducing manufacturing costs. Over more than 60 years, using machines exclusively designed and built by us, FisherTech has provided solutions for hundreds of applications such as cable termination, rotor shafts and mounted points. If you are currently assembling two or more parts using adhesive bonding, brazing, swaging, staking, press fitting, riveting, soldering, crimping or other joining processes, your assembly is a candidate for our IMA process. If your production volumes are high, you may consider manufacturing your own small component assemblies by purchasing a FisherTech assembly system. Our IMA systems are designed and built to be easily integrated into your production line. Alternatively, FisherTech will run your production requirements in our Canadian or UK facilities. Our Injected Metal FIXTURBLOK® (IMF) workholding or temporary fixturing system offers cost-effective, high speed machining solutions for components that are sensitive to surface damage, are very fragile, or cannot be subjected to a localized clamping force for other reasons. Productivity can increase dramatically without damage to the component.

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