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With manufacturing in the USA and China as well as spare parts and service in North America, Europe, and Asia, Xcell Automation is well positioned to serve your module assembly needs.



Closed Loop Induction Soldering

Gives Unmatched soldering results.

Forward Thinking:High flexibility

Up to 6 Busbar, Half-Cell, Bifacial, Perc, HIT cell Capability.

Exellent Output:120 MW

3600 Soldered cells/h

Energy Efficient

Only 6KWh average power consumption

Performance Specification Comments
Throughput 3600 Soldered Cells/Hours Depending on solder recipe and options
Output per Year 120 MW 4.5 W, 22.5 h perday, 330 days p.a.
Breakage Rate 0.2% Down to 160μm on standard cells
Technical Availability 95% VDI 3423
Machine Overview    
Solder Technology   Closed loop induction Soldering
Lead Free Ribbon   yes
Leaded Ribbon   Yes
Low Temperature Soldering   Yes
Options   5BB, 6BB, Half Cells, Bifacial, MES, Ribbon Tooling
Processing Capability Capacity Specification
Solar Cells Cell Size Length 78mm*, 156mm, 156.75mm
Cell Size Width 156mm - 160mm
Cell Thickness Min. 160μm, Max. 250μm
Cell Shapes Square, pseudo square, sharp corner
Ribbon Interconnects 4BB Standard, 3BB*, 5BB*, 6BB*
Interconnect Spacing 26.0 - 76.5mm*
Cell Technology Bifacial*, PERC, Mono, Quasi Mono, Poly, Half-Cells
string Length Min. 468mm, Max. 2000mm
Cell Spacing Min. 2mm, Max. 40mm
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