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Rework Station EXPERT 10.6

The Expert 10.6 rework stations facilitates the reliable and precise rework of BGA-, CSP-, and QFN-components, connectors and sockets. Innovative technologies such as “Advanced Vision Placement”, Hybrid Heating Technology and the intuitively operated “Easy Solder” software ensure safe soldering and de-soldering without the intervention of operators in the soldering process.

These compact rework stations are, in addition to soldering and de-soldering, suitable for removing residual solder and for dispensing fluxes and solder pastes. With the software Easy Solder all rework profiles are easily managed. Convenient App Tools support implementation of important additional processes, such as flux dipping, printing solder paste onto QFNs and handling of very small SMDs. The EXPERT 10.6 product family offers a comprehensive selection of Hybrid and IR Underheaters to ensure ideal conditions for the different rework applications. MARTIN offers various options and tools for optimizationof each application.

Rework Station EXPERT 04.6

The EXPERT 04.6 Reworkstation provides optimal support in the manual rework station environment. Designed to provide all the functions required for Rework and ergonomically arranged in a very compact space, the unit incorporates: heating, residual solder removal and placing. The heating technology employed guaranties exemplary soldering results. A IR Underheater ist integrated in the EXPERT 04.6 to ensure ideal conditions for different applications. The precise and highly efficient hot air top heating is an important component in any of the EXPERT04.6 models. Top and bottom heating is automatically adjusted to the required parameters by the “Auto-Profiler”.


Extraction of residual Solder The SMART DESOLDER combines a manual hot gas source with a vacuum pen for extraction. Damage to the pads from overheating or mechanical stress is avoided through targeted heating of the residual solder after lifting the component. The temperature-controlled airflow prevents the neighboring components from warming up.

After melting, the residual solder is removed gently by the vacuum pen. The use of a Teflon tip in the vacuum pen offers outstanding features: the nonstick effect, the temperature-resistance and the mechanically soft surface of the material. Even small and less complex soldering works can be done with the SMART DESOLDER 01. Please contact your local partner for more information..

HOTBEAM family

Low profile bottom heater for pre-warming of PCB Applications for underheaters range from pre-heating of PCBs for hand soldering tasks over pre-heating for automated machine rework to curing or cracking of underfill. MARTIN offers a wide choice of underheaters. They can be classified by size of the heater and heater performance. For preheating of PCBs (even double sided) IR heater are available up to a power rating of 2.000W. For efficient rework on heavy electrical systems with flat bottom surface and LED PCBs the powerful under heater HOTPLATE-04 with 700W is recommended.

Reballer MINIOVEN 05

Compact Reflow-MINIOVEN for the desktop The MINIOVEN 05 is a compact and robust table-top device specially designed for re-balling of BGAs and pre-bumping of QFN components. Its highly efficient hybrid heating technology heats-up the electronic components like in a standard reflow oven: Gently and simultaneously from all sides and guarantees repeatable process results with high yield. MINIOVEN 05 is perfect for use in both production and R&D environments. The large display and the 4 button front panel layout enable fast set-up and administration of up to 25 re-balling profiles which can be saved in the device. Profiles can be taught with the device’s auto profiler software. The MINIOVEN 05 uses readings from a second temperature sensor which is connected to the oven and attached next to the BGA to measure the IC temperature. Aninput for thr use of process gasses (such as nitrogen) is factory set.

The PC software EASYBEAM is included and can be used to download profiles, i.e. for easy back-up and upload of re-balling profiles i.e. from a production server. EASYBEAM V2 connects via USB to the MINIOVEN 05 and can also display temperature plots of the two sensors and allows optimization of profile parameters to fit user expectations perfectly. In addition to a wide range of tooling and accessories for BGA re-balling, holders, fixtures and stencils for QFN pre-bumping are available too. Stencils for a wide selection of QFN components are carried in stock.

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