Photovoltaic Equipment

We were established with the vision to fulfil growing requirements of customers with products based on latest technology while maintaining highest standards of customer service, work ethics and integrity.

Wuhan Sunic Photoelectricity Equipment Manufacture Co. Ltd. (Sunic Laser) has been dedicated to the manufacturing of Laser equipment since 1998. Specialized in designing, manufacturing as well as providing services for Laser processing machines and whole equipment for Solar PV production line. Argus offers high efficiency solar linea module is made based on the normal solar module processing, and add unique linea module processing, to lay more solar cells in a unit area, to increase the module power and stability. Sunic Solar already entered module production lines research and producing since 2016.


PV Module Production Line Turnkey Solutions

STS1200 Stringer

  • High quality stringing
  • High through-put: 1200 cells/Hr.
  • Lower production cost
  • 3, 4 & 5 Bus bar capability
  • Full and cut-cell stringing
  • Vision inspection & alignment

Cell tester:

Sun Simulator High-power Pulsed Xenon Lamp
Spectrum Range Meet IEC60904-9 Requirement AM1.5
Light Intensity lOOmW/Cm2 (Adjustment Range 70-120mW/Cm2)
Intensity Inhomogeneity ≤±2% ≤±3%
Irradiation Instability ≤±2% ≤±3%
Service Life of Xenon Lamp 100.000 Flashing times(Imported)
Flash Counting Function Function of counting the number of flashes(Reset to Zero alter replaced)
Flashing Direction Vertically Downwards
Effective Test Area 200m m*200mm
Effective Test Range 0.1W-5W
Test Voltage OV-0.8V(Resolution lmV) Measuring Range 1/16384
Test Current 100mA-2A20A(Resolution 1mA) Measuring Range 1/16384
Test Temperature 15°C ~35°C(Resolution 01°C)
Test Repeatability Accuracy ≤±0.5% ≤±1%
Test Way Four-line Test
Test Parameters Isc.Voc, Pmax. Vim. Im. FF. EFF. Temp. Rs. Rsh
Single Testing Time 3 secs/pc
Data ACquisitiOn 2M. 4-channel synchronous high-speed acquisition card and more thar 8.000 Points in I-V Curve to Collect Data
Test Condition Calibration Automatic Calibration Device
Temperature Test Automatic Temperature Test
Temperature Compensation Display
Correct Test Temperature
Test Result Test Time and Graphical Parameters Oisplay(1-V Curve)
It Can Convert Test Result to Standard Test Conditions
Test Report Voice Reporping & Prompt of Test Result
I-V Curve Can Be Recorded on Work Interface
Test Results Can Be Saved to Specific Files of Hard Disk
The Name of Specific Files Can Be Changed
Data Agregation & Print Data Aggregation & Print at Any Time
Can Be Print Out with EXCEL File
Professional Software Coefficient Input of Temperature Compensation
Coefficient Input of Date and Name
Serial Number Function
Defective Parameters Setting
Working Time Can Work Continuously More Than 12hrs
Power Supply 220V/50Hz/2kW
Air Compressor Requirement 0.6mPa~0.8mPa

Solar Cell Scribing Machine SFS20:

Description Parameters
Type specification SFS20
Wave lengh of laser 1064nm
Laser power 20W
Laser repetition frequency 2010a-100Khz
Max scribing speed 200mm/s
Scriber Line Width ±10μm
CCD Vision System Including
Work platform size 350x350mm
Power supply 220V/501W1KVA
Cooling ways Forced-air cooling
Working temperature 0-35°C
Working humidity 5-95%
Package Standard Crate for export
Work platform The adsorption of double gas warehouse vacuum.the T-model platform is double position works in turn



Sun Simulator

Description Parameters
Spectrum range Meet IEC60904-9 requirements
Radiation intensity 100mW/cm2 (Adjustment range 70-120mW/cm2)
Irradiation uniformity ≤±2% ≤±3%
Irradiation instability ≤±2% ≤±3%
Test results consistency ≤±0.5% ≤±1%
Electrical performance measurement error ≤±1%
Single flash time 10ms
Effective measure area 2000x1200mm(Customized)
Effective measure range 10W-300W
Measure voltage OV-150V (resolution 1mV)
Measure current 100mA-20A (resolution 1mA)
Test parameters Isc. Voc. Pmax, Vpm, Im. FF. EFF, Temp. Rs, Rsh
Data acquisition Including 30000 points to collect data
Warranty One Year

EL tester

Applicable Field

While processing the solar module, it can easily produce invisible defects such as Printing Flaws, Sintering Defect, Process Crack, Materials Crack, Electric Leakage because it adopts Hundred micro crystalline silicons as carriers.

Equipment Performance

Structural design is reasonable, easy to adjust, easy production line interface with customers. CMOS/CCD camera with imported sensor chip, excellent imaging results, cooling system, the Cold effect can reach -20℃ , further enhanced image quality. Different configurations of camera: 8.3 million Resolution and 16 million resolution can be chosen. Dual-camera can be installed.

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