Photovoltaic Equipment

We were established with the vision to fulfil growing requirements of customers with products based on latest technology while maintaining highest standards of customer service, work ethics and integrity.

 Ningxia XN automation equipment Co. Ltd. was founded in 1999, located in industrial area of Jingfeng district, 

Yinchuan city of Ningxia, which is known as ”southern frontier”, the company is a high technology enterprise which 

is integrating research and development, production and sales. Relying on more than 10 years automation 

development and manufacturing experience and continuous innovation mindset, XN company is already becoming 

the leader cooperator and production equipment supplier of the photovoltaic assembly companies. The main products 

are high speed stringer, high accuracy lay-up machine and automatic bus bar soldering machine, the superior 

characteristics are high automatic, high reliability and high cost performance.

PV Automation Equipment / Busbar Welder DH120

  1. Automatically finishing the photovoltaic assembly module bus bar welding process, which is including the bus bar placement of the wire connection box side and non-wire connection box side, the placement of the EPE block piece and EPE long piece, and the bus bar welding.
  2. Vacuum sucking, griping and transportation, automatically cut out the EPE firm (the cut position of the bus bar belt placing ).
  3. Automatically preparing the L shape bus bar, and processing the welding of the overlap position.
  4. Automatically adding the flux before the welding for the ribbon and bus bar.
  5. With the function of the bus bar bending at the wire connection box.
  6. The bus bar and EPE firm of the both side of the machine is uploading on each side of the machine.
  7. Fit for welding the 156-60 piece, 156-72 piece assembly module, the machine is using modular design, which could achieve the due-glasses assembly module welding by replacing part of the modular.
  8. With using rotating arm operation screen, which is convenient and fast.
  9. The machine could achieve double side transport of the glasses base on the production line requirement, which is using a separate PLC to control the flow, and is no affected by the other bus bar welding function.

Product feature

Efficient and Convenient ,High Degree of Automation,Small Footprint

Technology parameter

Take out 28~30S
Welding method Electro-magnetic Induction
Busbar sizes roller feeding, material thickness is 0.25-0.35mm, width: 5-8mm
Module size 156/3BB/4BB/5BB or 156/12BB
EPE size Roll feedingļ¼Œthickness≥200 mm width 30mm or 70mm
Glass size 1634* 986 (156*156*10 pcs/string) 1951*986 (156*156*12 pcs/string)
Module feeding and outlet height 950±20mm
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