Factory Automation Equipment

We were established with the vision to fulfil growing requirements of customers with products based on latest technology while maintaining highest standards of customer service, work ethics and integrity.

A partner in expertise and development, Strunk has more than 40 years of knowledge in connecting non-ferrous metals. Strunk applies the experience to clarify the technical feasibility of your application, to produce lab and prototype samples for you, and to create product designs ready for series production.

Core Processes:

  1. Resistance Welding
  2. Assembly and testing technology
  3. Laser Welding
  4. Punching and bending operations


Solutions from a single source

As a turnkey partner for your processes, we can develop automation concepts for in-line integration in your production lines. You can choose whether STRUNK develops your complete system as a general contractor, or simply supplies individual processes as cells for integration into your line. Profit from our expertise and experience in the field of indexing concepts and linear transfer. Our team has expertise in the following sectors:

  1. Resistance, laser, and ultrasonic plastic welding
  2. Soldering and dosing
  3. Assembly and testing technology
  4. Punching and bending operations


Increase your quantities noticeably

With our semi-automated systems for only one operator, we can provide you with the ideal conditions for increasing the productivity of your manufacturing. Our range of products incorporates individual units as well as indexing tables and shuttle systems which separate the loading process from production times. These can also be supplied with optional feed systems and AUTO EJECT functions.


Flexible concepts and custom solutions

Designed strictly for integration into your automation concepts, our range of modules includes units with lifting apparatus for linear transfer systems, individual modules for cable processing centers, and dual heads for indexing tables. These enable the simultaneous welding of two connections in the shortest possible time. Compacting and terminal welding units with contact-feeding, micro-welding units and sequencers are also available.


Ideal for high-quality connections

STRUNK manual workstations allow you to choose between standard solutions with or without table add-ons, sequencers for splicing at the pre-assambly stage or as in-line systems for cable boards, and special systems for any technologies that produce connections.


Custom-made for you

Terminal or bus bar welding, splicing, resistance hard-soldering / welding, or microsystem technology – our welding tongs and gap welding heads are available in a wide range of versions and power ratings, and are customized precisely to your application. STRUNK offers specialized tongs in parallel and C-versions, with insulators for direct splice welding without pre-compacting, or with integrated, fully automatic solder-feed mechanisms.

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